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August 21, 2010

Gavin Ortlund, on his blog Soliloquium, shares some excellent thoughts regarding justification.

Studying the doctrine of justification is changing my life.  It truly touches upon a nerve center of the Christian faith.  Here is what I am seeing so far:

1. Everyone seeks justification, i.e. a rightness in God’s sight which translates into an identity before the world.

2. There are ultimately two sources to which we may look: God or idols.

3. We can tell which we are looking to by what we boast in, i.e., by what we look to for identity and fulfillment before God and people.

. . . justification by faith alone in Christ alone necessarily results in an inversion of human boasting.  Everyone boasts in something – an identity, a talent, a relationship, a passion, a cause.  Whatever gives us our deepest identity and fulfillment is our boast.  And we can know that justification by faith alone in Christ alone is really taking root in our hearts when we stop boasting in our accomplishments.

To read the entire article click here.

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