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Our Greatest Problem is Inside, Not Outside, of Us

August 7, 2010

A great reminder from Paul David Tripp’s latest book, What Did You Expect?

One of the most tempting fallacies for us–and for every human being in this fallen world–is to believe that our greatest problems exist outside of us rather than inside us.

It’s easy to fall into thinking this way, because we have a lot of material to work with. We do live in a broken world where things don’t operate as was intended. Every day is filled with difficulties and obstacles of some kind. We live with flawed people, and our lives will be complicated by their brokenness.

Despite this, the Bible calls us to humbly confess that the greatest, deepest, most abiding problem each of us faces is inside, not outside, of us. The Bible names that problem-sin.

Because sin is self-focused and self-serving, it is antisocial and destructive to our relationships. Here’s where this goes: it requires each of us to say that our greatest marital problem exists inside us, not outside us.

—Paul David Trip, What Did You Expect? pp. 73-74

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