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One Indispensable Essential

April 8, 2010

I found this great quote at regarding church plants or re-plants. No doubt the same could be said for all churches.

I received a few good emails. My friend Todd D. gave me permission to share his. I think he’s right on:

I have had some experience helping in various ways to plant seven churches in Canada in recent years. Five of those could be described as re-plants. In order for a re-plant to be successful there is one indispensable essential: humility. Until the leaders and people of an established and dying church are truly “broken” before God, it won’t happen.

As you said in one of the posts, we’re not talking about surface changes here. It goes deep. Most often we’re talking about changing the kinds of things with which Jesus challenged the seven churches in Revelation 2-3. You have to be completely humble to receive that.

Sadly, we don’t find a lot of humble people in dying churches. What we find are people tenaciously holding on to “their thing”.

But when we do find such humility, it is amazing to watch the transformation of a whole church…and there’s nothing like a church plant (or re-plant) for reaching the lost.

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